Saturday, October 17, 2009

Witch Hat for pets

Every year our little dog gets a new witch hat. This year I made her one. I don't think she was real happy when we put it on the cat though ; )

Not spoiled at all ; )

Witch Hat for pets
now at Craftsy click here to download a pdf of this pattern $1.00
and on Ravelry click here to download fromRavelry $1.00
6 inches wide with brim, 6 inches tall, approximately
Size 6 US dpn needles set of 6
Gauge 5 stitches by 7 rows per inch ( exact gauge is not essential to this project )
42 yards worsted weight yarn

K = knit
Kf/b = knit into the front and back of the next stitch
P = purl
* * = repeat instructions between as many times as indicated

Cast on 3 stitches

Kf/b all stitches

Place on 3 dpns join in the round, place marker at beginning of round if needed
1) knit 3 rounds
2) ( kf/b, k1 )x 3
3) knit 3 rounds
4) ( kf/b, k2 )x 3
5) knit 3 rounds
6) ( kf/b, k3 )x 3
7) knit 3 rounds
8) ( kf/b, k4 )x 3
9) knit 3 rounds
10) ( kf/b, k5 )x 3
11) knit 3 rounds
12) ( kf/b, k6 )x 3
13) knit 3 rounds
14) * kf/b, k3* to end
15) knit 4 rounds
16) * kf/b, k4* to end
17) knit 2 rounds
18) * kf/b, k5* to end
19) knit 1 round
20) knit into the back bar ( the purl bump ) from the front, of your knit stitch, then knit the stitch itself, pass the first stitch over the one you knit, to end. This helps firm up the brim as well, being decorative.
21) knit to end
22) *kf/b, k6* to end
23) knit to end
24) purl to end
25) *kf/b, k7* to end
26) purl to end
27) *kf/b, k8* to end
28) purl
29) *kf/b, k9* to end
Bind off, weave in ends.

I made a I-cord about 7 ½ inches ( or to fit under chin ) the last inch of the cord I stockinette stitched. I don’t want any of my pets getting chocked with the hat cord, so I put a snap on the flat end of the I-cord and the other snap to the inside of the brim about a inch in, then sewed the other end of the cord to the opposite side of the brim to form the chin strap.

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