Thursday, October 8, 2009

This time of year

I love this time of year. The crisp feel to the air. Curling up in a warm shawl. All the good cozy things, however along with all the good things come the bad.
Every year we hit a colder spot and all the spiders in the desert want to move in. I'm not talking your house type spider, not even creepy house type. I'm talking big black and quick. You know the kind that try to out think you, and often do. Yeah them.

Yippee just what I wanted a large spider out smarting DH in my kids bathroom. I was in the tub in the other bathroom, just soaking..... when my younger son comes up. He had just spotted what he called the largest spider he had ever seen indoors. Don't tell his dad, whom he had to walk by to get to me, nope... I should do something about it. Yeah right, just see how fast I come running when I'm told really big spider and no one in danger, while DH is home!!! Doesn't anybody remember the bat, never left my room. They had it under control just fine ; )
I get out, and the other bathroom was a mess. They took everything off the counter and put it all on the washer. Took down the hanging plant as well the curtain. You know in case it went that way.
The spider was still in between the windows, with both of the windows closed!!!!! Great now we had to open the window from the inside reach under this thing and open the outer window, then the screen.....and they had waited for me. I am loved ; )
I got a look at this thing. He was right I had never seen a bigger spider ever!!
It wasn't a widow or tarantula. I'm not sure what kind it is. About the size of a mouse, all black with arrow shaped backside, and really really quick. There was no way I was getting my hand in there with a camera so I don't even have a photo to show.
DH thought it better to wait until am so he could see better. I'm with that, as long as I don't have to go near it.
Next morning it's gone!!! Both windows are still closed!!!! Not good. DH goes looking for it, I know just when he found it. Things got loud. I guess it was a good thing they moved everything, with all the thrashing and jumping around in there ; )
DH swears it's gone ( out the window ) he caulked the way in. Yeah right........we can hope
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