Tuesday, October 27, 2009

In need of cloths and towels plus baby stuff

It has come to my attention ( there's nothing like seeing something hung out on the clothes line ) that we are in need of new cloths and towels. When I first started knitting I made a lot of knit stitch and stockinette cloths in all sizes, those are holding up well, but all the store bought dishcloths and towels are pretty much gone. Yippee, that means I get to use up some of my cotton. I got some really good deals a while back, grab bags and cones, plus some new skeins at thrift shops. I got so much yarn I haven't needed to get any for months.
Oh I did try getting one skein for a baby sweater set. I say try because I had to give it away. I had never had a issue with acrylic yarn of any kind, but this stuff made me itch like crazy. Very upsetting because it was the perfect color for a harvest set.
Funny part is I gave it to Mom, then she goes out and picks up 5 skeins in a real nice purple at the thrive store, for me!  She told Dad they were for me so she can't take them home lol  : )
Turns out I had a good color, not the one I wanted for this, but harvesty enough.

I can post photos of the sweater set now, the baby was born and the set received.

This photo is of Lion Brands pattern for pumpkin hat and booties. I didn't have the right color at this point ( or so I thought, it pays to go through your yarn evey now and then ) but wanted to see how the pattern came together. I had never knit anything for a baby before, and was really not sure how these booties would work out. So this one is just done like a regular hat with no stem or leafs.
 I used Bernats Baby Coordinates in peach, two strains held together through out.
DS#1 saw this and I was told I could and should make a better set.
 It was okay for a hat just not a pumpkin hat. It needed to look more pumpkin like ( no seam on the bottom of the booties either ).  Oh it also needed to have vines.

This is a novelty sweater. I wasn't real sure what to do with the neck I really wasn't planing on making a sweater at all! A week before the baby is due I'm packing it all up ( it was already later then I should has mailed it ) when I hear you can't just mail her a hat and booties.

I pointed out that it was now 2 hats and 2 sets of booties ( what was I going to do with baby stuff  ) and I  also had the real gift, a hooded towel in there.

Nope, no go. If I wanted to be that way, go ahead and ruin it,....... by not sending a sweater.

I have only knit 2 sweaters before, one for a teddy bear and one for me. Both in the same style, knit in one piece with a seam under the arms and sides. Yep that's what I did again. The vines and leafs are knit then sewn on later.

The day I was doing the neck I came across Jeny's bind off ( on knitty's ) and had to give it a go, I did a roll neck line, and seamed it down as it got a little too thick to leave as a roll.

The hooded towel has an angel on the back, DS#1 was kind enough to give me a quick sketch

I'll be posting the pattern a little later on for the hooded towel and booties.
Still having a hard time with photos. DH did fix my camera, I'm just not very good at it ( yet )

I made this cloth  illusion witches hat
I had never tried anything in the shaded style, it was fast & easy but a little hard on the eyes with the stripes and all lol
I'm working on a bath mat right now, I don't think I'll have it done in time for Halloween but I'm doing it anyhow, and more wrist warmers to come.
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