Monday, September 21, 2009

Stuffed Bell Peppers

Stuffed Bell Peppers ?

So I made stuffed bell peppers last night. My mother and I came up with a deal, I'll cook dinner and send it over ( next door ) and she'll come up with some of the dinner menus. It keeps them from having to eat out every night and I'd be cooking anyhow. Been working out good, some times she even cooks!!!!

So she came up with the idea for stuffed bell peppers. I must say it's something I would never have come up with. Stuffed almost any other kind of pepper yeah, but bell. Seemed like a waste of time to me. We go in more for hotter meals. So I look up how to go about this. I recall my mother making them in the pressure cooker, yeah I don't think so. I found a few sites with some good tips. I blanched the peppers, precooked the meat and rice, made a sauce. Stuffed them, covered in the oven for the first 45 mins. at 350. Uncovered them, put cheese on and browned it. I was doing good right up until my oldest son walked into the room asking "what's for dinner, what's that smell" he took one look and said "it looks like a festering wound" I almost fell over laughing. I assured him we had left overs in the fridge lol

He was a good sport and did eat his. His brother says it was surprisingly edible, even DH ate his. Mom called to thank me, and said why did you bother with precooking the peppers you don't eat that part..... WHAT!!!!!!!!. I just went through hours of prep time, looking this and that up all so she could tell me she doesn't eat that part!!!!!!! And why not ? I had to ask, okay she says it's just a holder for the rest of the stuff and slight flavoring for the REST OF THE STUFF. As she's explaining this to me Dad from the background told her to tell me the pepper part was great, he love it. lol

Don't think this one is going to be put on our regular dinner ideas list.
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