Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Be careful what you ask for

You just might get it. This has been one of my favorite saying for years, you'd think I'd be careful then right. Nope not me. I was asking for rain for a few weeks now, okay I was asking for small amounts, not what we got!!!!

I have not seen so much water so fast since they put up the earthen dam, years ago. Our driveway was a river about twenty feet wide, at least a foot and a half deep on the edges ( rushing ). Flooded my car, still trying to dry that out. A lot of hail, good sized at that, from dime to quarter size, and it stuck around for longer then I've seen before, at least 15 minutes ( hard ). The storm lasted for a good hour plus. In the desert that can be really bad. The day before we had a good sized amount of rain as well, lost our power for most of the evening. That was the fun part, nothing to do but talk with the hubby and kids, good times :)

So we now have a yard full of new weeds, a foot deep rut along our drive way, and a wet car. Didn't even rain in town.

So be careful what you ask for.

My sisters van is now dead. She kills them faster then DH can keep up. He gave her one that was given to him, and has been working on it daily. She really needs to get a job in this town, too many miles and over the mt. pass at that.

I have a few new patterns I'm working on, the weather slowed me up some. Should be ready soon.

I've been doing a lot of wrist warmers I know, but I've had these "stuck" in my head for some time now and just have to get them done. So that means wrist warmers for all at Christmas time ;)

This pattern will be ready as soon as I come up with a name. I made them for a larger wrist size. With a panel on either side. One pattern for both hands, open thumb. I have the hardest time coming up with names.

I've said in the past I really like worsted weight ( acrylic ) yarn and bigger needles for my socks. More of a slipper or house sock then something you'd wear with snug shoes. I wear slip on shoes all year long, if I have to wear any. We have tile through out our place, our yard is coarse sand. All in all it doesn't make for the best conditions to long lasting sock. ( I also use them on the treadmill ) I really got tired of redoing the soles over and over, but still don't like a tighter knit sock for the way I wear them. I did go down to a smaller needle ( 5 US ), they are holding up better. However I wasn't about to give up on the others I made. too cheap with time and money ;)

I remembered slipper socks I had as a kid Mukluks, I loved them. Okay this is starting to get long here, long story little shorter. I made a straight stitch panel in size 3 US needles, no shaping just a long square in worsted weight yarn and stitched them on the soles. They have been working great, holding up very well. I can go outside without shoes. Best of all I didn't waste anything :)
Speaking of larger knit socks I'm working on a pair with a short row heelI really miss my camera, phone is okay, but colors are never "right"
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