Sunday, August 9, 2009

So much for green beans

This is what I'm getting out of my garden now. Between the heat and grasshoppers, that's all that is left of a good sized green bean plant. I have never in the 20+ years I've been down here seen so many grasshoppers. You can not go in the yard without them bouncing off your legs. Not one or two, dozens with each step. We spray around the trailer and gardens, but it stopped nothing. Months of work gone in less then a week. I still have my tomatoes plants but no more pumpkins. My herbs are doing well, they are trying to eat the sage but so far so good ( knock, KNOCK )

I made a pair of toe up socks :) I found a heel I liked ( just don't like a short row ). I didn't do the cast on like the pattern called for either, I used what knitting daily called the eastern cast on. The pattern is called You're putting me on by Judy Gibson. I made the ankle wide also, as I'm giving them to Mom for her birthday.
The photo didn't come out very well but this is a hat with ruins symbols for health, and a few others for a friend of mine that has been going through hard times. His birthday is also this month. I made a few things for my aunt this week as well, her birthday was a few days ago. Slippers and a cloth both posted on Ravelry. I also got a new cloth done up. I'll be posting that in a few days as I still have to type up the pattern.
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