Monday, August 3, 2009

A chilling touch

Today looks somewhat clear out, yippee I can be online :) :) We've been getting quite a few lightening storms, not a lot of rain a few drops here and there mostly. We did have one or two that got pretty wet, pretty fast, but mostly a lot of lightening. Thankfully no fires ( knock, knock ). We've been very hot though, in the 100's for what seems like months, our power went out a few times during some of the worst heat. The humidity has been high as well.
I lost a good part of my garden to the heat. Came close to losing our weeping willow, very hot indeed.
All of that in mind is what made last night a little odd. Right around sunset, I was outside cooking on the grill, it had to be in the mid 80's if it was anything. A still night, you could hear a pin drop. I had been turning out the yard light when I went in, so not even a lot of moths around. I was standing at the grill turning the food when I felt the hair on the top of my head start to move. I couldn't feel any "wind" or movement on the rest of me. I reached up and felt my hair as it was still moving, it stopped after a second. That's when I realised my hair was ice cold. It was kind of nice, as I was just thinking how hot it was. I finished turning the food, then went inside. My hair was still very cold. It stayed chilled for almost a hour.
I've had ghosts walk through me before, but it didn't feel like that, it felt friendly. Any thoughts on this??????
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