Tuesday, July 7, 2009


This happened yesterday morning. I posted it on a group on Ravelry. I'm adding a little more detail here.
Early yesterday morning at 6:47 am, Brent and I heard someone walk up to our bedroom door and turn the knob, the door flew open. No one was in the hall but our dog, who sleeps right in front of our bedroom door. She was looking around puzzled.
The footsteps were loud enough to wake us, like someone wearing boots but not the big heavy work boots like my guys wear. It sounded urgent, a brisk purposeful step, that stopped right outside our door. My guys are night owls, so it's not unusual to hear boot steps any hour of the day or night, what was unusual was the way they came up to the door, then stopped, plus the sound of them, this is a little harder to get across in words. I know the sound of my guys walking around, it didn't sound like them. Also Brent woke at the same moment, it takes a lot to wake him, especially when we had gone to bed only a few hours before ( yeah the boys are not the only night owls )
The knob clearly turned, we were expecting to see one of our boys come in, but they were still in bed sleeping. I woke them when I went into check and see if it had been them.
We live in a mobile home, so it’s very easy to hear if someone is moving around, even the cats moving on the other side of the trailer can be heard through closed doors, so I know they weren't messing around with us.
The knob is loud, it kind of snaps back when you let it go. We both heard that, but I also saw the knob turn, pause then the door flew open, hard enough to hit the wall.
This is not the first time footsteps have been heard or doors seen opening or closing for that matter.
A little background, I moved into a trailer for the very reason I had never heard of a haunted mobile home before, I'm quite sure now that it does happen, weather or not there just visiting remains to be seen.

A few months ago I watched my sons bedroom door open then slowly close. I saw a shadow go down the hall. When I called out Hi, thinking it was my son ( we were the only ones home ) the shadow disappeared. I went to see if some how he gotten by me, knowing full well that there was no way he could have, I found him still asleep in his bed.
The door to their bedroom was sticking due to a bent hinge at the time.
We have spent time trying to debunk things like this whenever it happens. I can see a door popping open with our swamp cooler on, but why the pause or footsteps. We tried to recreate it over and over.
Last summer is about when the doors opening and footsteps started. We are very careful to keep our bedrooms doors closed, as my sons cat can be very bad. Over the last year we keep finding them open after we know they were closed tight.
The thing that struck me as odd was that the cats stayed out, when they would normally jump at a chance to get in our bedrooms.
One of the first things I recall happening with footsteps was one raining evening I heard someone walking across the floor of the room Brent has been adding onto our trailer. At that point there wasn't a roof over that part of the floor. I looked out the window and saw someones feet walking back and forth in the rain. Both my kids love walking in the rain, I thought for sure it was my younger son, so I called to him to come in. There was way too much lightening to be playing around like that.
When he didn't answer me I went to the door and looked out and called him again, I could still see someones feet ( up to the knees ) going back and forth in the rain.
It was about then that I realized these were cowboy boots. My guys don’t wear them. At the same time this is sinking in my son answered me from the back of the trailer, whoever was walking out there turned to me, I could still only see the legs but the feeling that came over me was enough to make my hair rise. I stepped out into the rain to get a better look, if some guy thought he could just walk around MY place I had another thing to tell him, when a feeling of total fear came over me. Not the fear of a person being in my area or anything like that, not even the fear of a possible ghost, I've long since gotten over that one, but a "you need to get the hell out of here"fear. I could see the legs coming toward me. I jumped back in and slammed the door shut. I ran to the window to see if anyone was there. No one was. This is in a closed in yard with good sized dogs. They never made a noise. I heard the same footsteps out there going back and forth from time to time all last summer.
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