Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Crochet Thingy Pattern

Chain 6 join
Double crochet into each stitch through the back loop. This gives that raised line in the center. 2 rounds
DC , 1 chain , DC, still in back loop. 1 round
At this point I started to go through the whole stitch ( not just back loop )
DC into the stitch of the last rounds DC ( skipping the chain stitch ) adding another chain between DC’s for every round you do. So this round would be DC 1 CH 1, next round DC 1, CH 2 and so on. Always double crocheting into the DC in the round before, until you get the size you want. After your last DC, chain as many as the round you were doing and bind off.
I made sure to keep my stitches loose, and kind of flattened them as I went.

I thought as long as I have this all typed out ( takes me forever to type ) I might as well post it in case someone else likes it. Thank you Dottie : )
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