Monday, April 6, 2009

Aprils Here

Wow it's been really busy around here. Hubby had the week off and spent it fixing and building so much around this place it's wonderful. : ) I can't believe how much they got done. He had our boys working with him all week. The winds got nasty a few times but they were able to get things done inside.

We did take some time off ( when it was windy ) we went out to the flea market ( not a real good idea in the wind as it's a sandy field ) then to the thrift store. We found a really cool tea pot. I got a few pattern books from the used book store. We ended up at a indoor flea market where he got me this

It's a huge crystal for my birthday ( coming up ) there are at least a hundred points. It feels amazing. Very cool. Both boys got one as well, a little smaller in height but some really big points.

He also insisted I order the needles I've wanted. A full set of Options Harmony Wood Interchangeable Needles. Sizes 4 to 17 US.

They are sooooooo nice. : )

Well we got all the hemp we need for the hats. Now the making of the pattern. I love this part

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