Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Another year

Yesterday was my 43rd birthday. We spent it at home working in my garden : )

I got just what I asked for DIRT........ really, bags and bags of top soil.
Oh DH also got me a bush It's a Purpleleaf Sand Cherry Bush
I can't believe he was listening when I said I liked different colored bushes : ) : ) and wanted a hedge that flowered.
He "made" a spot so I could start a herb garden, got me the seeds and dirt. Put a trimming of wood around it to hold in the water. All this after coming home from work, he even worked on my sisters van!!
My guys also helped me all day, we had a cook out and they did most of the work. They did the laundry, watered everything, helped with dishes and cooking, put everything away. DS#2 even cleaned up the bathroom!!!!!
All in all a very nice day : )

We didn't use all the dirt in the garden, so I'm going to be able to give my house plants a nice pick me up too : )

We had a really hard time finding chili plants this year, only got 4 as they were $3. each. I'm trying them from seed also to round things off.

So far the pumpkins are off to a good start as well as the lettuce and tomatoes.
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