Thursday, April 30, 2009


Okay so my garden got bigger this year. My plan had been to keep it small and tight to the trailer.
The reasoning was I wouldn't be out in the sun as long to water. There is no skipping watering, it is a must. At this stage with seeds just popping open, it needs to be done no less then twice a day. Hot days, 3 or 4 quick hits is the best way to go. The thing is it takes a least 30 minutes for each quick hit.
I have most of my plants in the shade for part of the day, but at one time or other it's sunny. Add that with hanging clothes out to dry at least 7 times a week, and you got a lot of time in the sun.
Now I'm not real fond of wearing hats, making them yes, wearing ...... no. However last fall I got burned pretty bad at a Biden rally. We really had a blast, but I was laid up for a good week with cold wet clothes on my face around the clock. I was lucky enough to get lots of new wrinkles too ; )
Okay with all of that said, I needed a hat to get through this summer. Now there are a lot of sunhat patterns out there I could have gone with one of those, if I could have found one my guys didn't laugh at. As I did still want help even if the neighbors could see me, I was willing to work with them.
DS#1 wanted to know why most had holes in them, that would not keep out the sun. You'd end up with a spotted sunburn ; ) Why not go with a looser weave and cotton.
Okay that sounded good to me, but DS#2 didn't find my first attempt at a brim any less laughable, as it was large and ruffled. I was told the wind would take it in fast order. At this point it was very clear they have spent way more time outside down here than I have.
So no lace, loose weave, cotton yarn, no ruffles, small enough brim to block some sun but not so big the winds get it.

It could be done.

I did make the brim out of acrylic, to hold it's shape better, but as long as it doesn't touch your skin it works.

Fits 22 ½” head
Gauge 6 rows to one inch
Five size 8US dpn needles
Pay pattern can be found on Ravelry

or on Craftsy
It does stay on in the wind, and even though it's not lacy, it's much cooler then the sun cooking your head and face. : )

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pattern book

We've been shopping at our used book store quite a bit lately. I've found this book a few weeks ago. It's copyright is from 1941. Inside it were some hand written patterns, and a few red cross sweater patterns dated from 1942 to 1944.

Talk about history.

I also got some more current books from the 50's ; ) others from the 60's and 70's. Yesterday I got a Vogue Kitting guide from the late 80's, in great shape : )

I got Jorden to let me make him a pair of socks. I didn't get a "done" photo as I already gave them to him. He liked them ( and wears them ) : )
DS#1 and his cotton hat.
I'll work on posting a pattern soon, got to plant a few more things in my garden. So much for smaller garden this year ; )

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Another year

Yesterday was my 43rd birthday. We spent it at home working in my garden : )

I got just what I asked for DIRT........ really, bags and bags of top soil.
Oh DH also got me a bush It's a Purpleleaf Sand Cherry Bush
I can't believe he was listening when I said I liked different colored bushes : ) : ) and wanted a hedge that flowered.
He "made" a spot so I could start a herb garden, got me the seeds and dirt. Put a trimming of wood around it to hold in the water. All this after coming home from work, he even worked on my sisters van!!
My guys also helped me all day, we had a cook out and they did most of the work. They did the laundry, watered everything, helped with dishes and cooking, put everything away. DS#2 even cleaned up the bathroom!!!!!
All in all a very nice day : )

We didn't use all the dirt in the garden, so I'm going to be able to give my house plants a nice pick me up too : )

We had a really hard time finding chili plants this year, only got 4 as they were $3. each. I'm trying them from seed also to round things off.

So far the pumpkins are off to a good start as well as the lettuce and tomatoes.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Yo yo Scrubbies

Now add free pdf for purchase on craftsy or in my ravelry store

So today was a trip to the dentist for DS1, while they try to make the waiting room as nice as possible I would go mad without my knitting. As would happen I found myself without anything on my needles that could be taken along!!!!!!!!!!! So I bagged up some cotton and acrylic, grabbed some needles and ended up with this......

I'm big on scrubbies, so I tend to make quite a few. Trying different techniques, yarns, needles sizes, flat, round anything and everything has been turned into a scrubbie around here ; ) but I must say this is my first yo yo scrubbie.
My boys got the idea to turn it into a yo yo when they saw me working with it, trying to add on a string for hanging it. This is not the first time they have taken a scrubbie and turned it into a toy. Some make great flying disks ; ) They got it to work, not well but it was going up and down!!

So for everyone who wants to make dishes or bath time more fun here's the pattern

Yo yo Scrubby

4 ½” across, 2” tall
19 yards of worsted weight 100% cotton
18 yards of worsted weight 100% acrylic
Size 11 US needles
Thread needle

Cast on 29 sts with acrylic.
Row 1: k1, yo, k3tog, * yo, k2tog * repeat to last stitch, yo, k1.
Row 2: k1, kf/b, k to last 3 stitches, k2tog, k1.
Change to cotton, leaving acrylic uncut.
Repeat rows 1 and 2 carrying unused yarn along seam. Switching colors every 2 rows, for a total of 14 repeats ending in cotton. Bind off, leaving tail for seaming.

Sew the cast on edge to the bind off edge wrong side facing. Weave in loose ends leaving tail.
With tail, thread through closest edge weaving in and out ( drawstring style ), pull tight to close hole. Turn right side out, using same tail weave open edge in same manner, pull tight. Secure center by stitching through center a few times, weave in end.

Turn on side, tie securely in middle with cotton yarn leaving long end with a slip knot, for yo yo string, making sure both sides are even.
kf/b = knit in front and back of same stitch.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Aprils Here

Wow it's been really busy around here. Hubby had the week off and spent it fixing and building so much around this place it's wonderful. : ) I can't believe how much they got done. He had our boys working with him all week. The winds got nasty a few times but they were able to get things done inside.

We did take some time off ( when it was windy ) we went out to the flea market ( not a real good idea in the wind as it's a sandy field ) then to the thrift store. We found a really cool tea pot. I got a few pattern books from the used book store. We ended up at a indoor flea market where he got me this

It's a huge crystal for my birthday ( coming up ) there are at least a hundred points. It feels amazing. Very cool. Both boys got one as well, a little smaller in height but some really big points.

He also insisted I order the needles I've wanted. A full set of Options Harmony Wood Interchangeable Needles. Sizes 4 to 17 US.

They are sooooooo nice. : )

Well we got all the hemp we need for the hats. Now the making of the pattern. I love this part