Sunday, March 15, 2009

New Yarn for Hats

I got some really cool yarn lately.
I told the guys I'd make them some hats, that they could pick what kind of yarn was used. After reading about the different kinds of fiber, they came up with hemp and cotton. What better reason to go yarn shopping then to make your kids something they could really use.
After some checking on hemp they found out, it has been used for almost ever, very strong, lasts for years, gets softer with washing but stays strong. It's breathable, blocks most UV rays, easy to wash and care for, holds it's shape well and doesn't pill.

The down side it's hard to come by, and doesn't come cheaply at that. Oh and it's a bugger to knit. However worth it.

The pattern hasn't been finished yet, but colors had been picked. Just one more to go.

The cotton was a pick for it's warmth, and durability, as well as color choice and price. So we got these in town. Had a 40% off coupon. So the price was great, with plenty of yarn to make a few hats for everyone.

We also found this

and these in town, I's not just hemp for the hats

I was a little upset with our LYS I had been told by one of the owners that they would order a red hemp yarn with their next order. So I didn't order it with the rest of the colors from the web site

No the LYS didn't get red, I had gone back three times ( each time they gave me a new date when the order should be in ) No more shopping there!

Found some really nice yarn,
but the red wasn't quite the right shade he was looking for, so still looking............
I found and ordered from and got these.

They came less then 48 hours after I placed the order. Very happy : ) : )
with their service. They even gave me a sample of MILK yarn!! Talk about soft, very nice, easy to knit.
They carry the red he wants so I'll defiantly be using them again soon.
The silk is so cool, it's very rustic. That might be a hat too. Ds1 wears one (or a bandana ) at almost all times. The cotton rayon, is mine. I see a very soft shawl or wrap coming soon. : )
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