Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Little Dog

My little doggie Phoebe had to be taken to the emergency vet this last Sunday. She started to bleed from her bottom. Talk about scary. She took it way better then I did. Turns out her anal sacs got blocked up. I didn't even know she had them!!

The vets were really good with her and the room full of people who were with us. My two boys, me and my parents who drove us down to town, plus my hubby who was already in town at work. He was able to take lunch and get there before us and fill out all the paper work. This is a much loved little doggie.

One burst and the other had to be drained, she did so well. Not even a whimper. This is the doggie that has to be bribed to just look at her toe nails let alone trim them. She has to take antibiotics for a week plus they put her on pain pills for a few days. The antibiotics she takes with no problem, the pain pills are a whole other story. She doesn't like them at all, so much for beef flavoring.

She's a little mad at me right now. I won't let her lick, where the hair had to be shaved a little. I'm sure it's starting to itch, poor girl. So she's holed up with the boys in their room. Any time I go near, she dives under the blankets. The funny part is all I have to do to get her to stop licking is look at her or lightly say no, but she's acting like I'm the meanest person to walk the earth. Small price to pay to have her safe and getting better.