Sunday, December 6, 2015

Free reindeer pouch pattern

When I first starting crocheting I signed up for email from All free crochet patterns ( see link ) I have found some really cool patterns this way and learned a lot...
All free crochet patterns

When they sent a link for this one I had to give it a go..
Reindeer pouch

I didn't have dark brown yarn for the antlers so went with tweed.. made them with 2 strands held together.. also added a strap ( 2 single crochets ) .. very quick fun pattern :D

As I wanted to make more reindeer patterns I really needed to find some dark brown.. I almost gave up again after trying 3 times... I found some stuck in back of the bottom rack ( had to get on my knees and reach in the darkness.. lol ) at Joann's.. on sale :D that meant I still had my 60% off coupon to use :D :D  I had been sent there to get myself something for our 31 anniversary ( I really prefer it this way.. I get what I want without spending a lot... double win ) always loved stuffed animals when I saw this booklet it had to come home.. going to get started on it soon as I get one more reindeer done as I now have that dark brown yarn... life is good  
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