Wednesday, November 4, 2015

busy busy...

very busy times.. I know I've said this before but dang we are hitting new levels here lol... we have added a few new members to our family... very active new members ...

This is Xabrina she is so sweet.. about 5 months old.. wise beyond her age..

Yanni is a ball of fluff lol he loves to cuddle .. the photo doesn't show how blue his eyes really are..
 his sister Zahara is the feisty never sit still one.. they are close to 2 months old now.. 
our Posarde is I would say around 7 or 8 months.. as she is still growing at a pretty fast rate I think this is pretty close to right.. she more than doubled her weight in the short time we've had her with us.. just over 50lbs now

We also now have ducks in our flock... talk about fun :D love watching them play in their pool

I have found some time to make a few things...

selling as fast as I can get them off the needles and hooks.. market has been going great :D... all in all very busy happy times... life is good indeed