Sunday, January 11, 2015

Setting up to sell

I have been looking for a place to sell my crafts at for some time now. I had tried the large farmers market in town ( listed as one of the top in the US ) but it was not a good fit for me.. it's gotten so big and touristy it doesn't have that cozy home town feel to it any more... it was suggested I should raise my prices to fit in better... I felt I was asking a fair price for each item..... now on the other hand we have a rather large flea market not far from here but no one wants to pay enough to even cover the cost of  materials let alone time.. tried it once I couldn't tell you how many times in that day I was told "I could get that at such and such a store cheaper"  ... don't take me wrong both places are really cool for what they are.. it is a real experience to go to either of them.. both having dozens of vendors.

I do events here and there and have a great time doing them, but covering the cost of set up alone can really be pricey..

I don't like doing special orders often, I've tried this so many times I have to admit that I like to work on whatever strikes my fancy at the time..
With crafting every day, items start to add up.. I can't give them all away and still cover the costs of new crafting supplies ;)
A while ago I heard about this new farmers market set up at one of my favorite stores outside of craft stores Tractor Supply .. was said to be a very nice friendly market with the feel of .. with the events I had already agreed to do plus the fact that this could be just a "dangerous" during chick days to me as setting up at a craft store, I put off talking to them... well I'm just going to have to do my best to stay strong and keep chick buying to a limit.. we will be setting up our craft and reiki booth with them starting next Sunday :D stop by and see us at the Tractor Supply at 1440 W. Picacho Ave. Las Cruces, NM. weather permitting at 10 am - 2 pm

Sunday Farmers Market At Tractor Supply