Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Jorden's garden

Jorden has made a lot of changes to the garden this year, some due to our pets...like the repurposed wood fence to keep our doggie from eating all the chili and tomatoes lol

We saw a post on FaceBook where they were using their empty feed bags as planters...we needed to give that a try...works great...he wanted some onion seeds so we let a few flower :D
The garlic chives, parsley, catnip and oregano are coming along nicely

Our white sage is doing great

The red sunflowers came up on their own this year...the grapes are doing better than ever thanks to the chicken droppings :)

common sage is flowering again
The only issue right now is this little guys they are so small they can get through the fence right into the garden...so we need to replant a lot of the greens...at least they had a good meal if it lol

Seed bead earrings with chart ( 9 across )

Monday, June 3, 2013

Seed bead Butterfly earrings with chart # 2

Seed bead butterfly earrings with chart # 1

Seed bead earrings

I have always loved playing with beads, long before I started to knit I had a stash of beads....in so many shapes and sizes, I can get lost for hours looking through them lol
I saw a pair of earrings one of our friends had on ( thanks Kamy ) and needed to try my hand at making a pair or two ;)
you can use so many different kinds of beads, the possibilities are endless, they are quickly made and best of all FUN to make
I started out small
                                        I love fire polished glass beads so....
even beads that have a less then uniform sizing can be used
with as many colors as you like