Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring time :D

I went to the feed store just to see what kind of chicks they had, I was in town and almost there anyhow so why not ;)
Well this little sweetie needed a home, they had no clue what breed she is, she came in with the Black Stars...she was just too pretty to leave there...
of course we didn't want her to be alone on the ride home so we got 4 Black Stars :)
they are so cool...brave little girls jumped right in the mix

This little one came with our last order of chicks, we have no clue what breed...just that she has fuzzy feet :D

We tried starting seeds in egg shells worked great, 2 days after starting they were big enough to plant outside :D

                                          Our asparagus is coming up
We didn't lose as many plants as we feared, it looks like just the rosemary....
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