Sunday, August 26, 2012


                                  This is our first egg from one of our Reds

Jorden was very happy to find it. We have been reading a lot about chickens,eggs and all, most said the same thing the first few eggs tend to be a little less than perfect, missing shells or part of them real soft. Not this's on the small side but that's it :D
This was the main reason we got into raising chickens....EGGS

It all started a few months ago ......we went to our friends house, who had little chicks in a pet carrier....staying inside until they got big enough for the coop....The carrier needed to be people were taking turns holding the chicks who were loving it.......
Jorden jumped right in, he had been trying to talk me into getting chickens as long as I can recall....we got him the fish, turtle, water dragon, fire belled toads, cats, dogs, gerbils, salamander, snails and any plant he wanted even some that ate bugs.....but no birds....I could NOT handle birds
I know it went back to my earliest years.....years of my older sister doing anything she could to make and keep me afraid of  any type of bird......from throwing the chicken feed on me when I was 2 ( those dang chickens were almost as big as me and I was way out numbered )
It didn't help that every time we went to our other grandparents place their bird would go after me....sister played a part in this as watching The Birds and having her wake me every few minutes asking what was that on the roof......
The bat that almost got caught in my hair didn't help matters any... nor did the cat picking my bedroom rug to eat it's fresh kill...I woke up to my sister's screams her cat picked her pillow so it could have been worse....she rolled face first into the one her kitty gave her... karma lol
after all of that my parents got a bird when a friend of theirs passed......that had to be the meanest bird alive.....we did not hit it off....he did love his new family when my parents found a better ( no cats ) home for him...
So all these years later I find myself at this get together and Jorden just placed a chick in my hands.....that was it, I was hooked....a week later we had start

Our friends were very helpful, gave us tips on everything from feeding them to making the coop :D but also showed us how much fun it could be....we love having chickens....
We have learned so much in the last few months, some hard lessons.....don't always trust the person selling the chicks to tell you the truth comes to mind....
we also learned that you can get your chickens to listen to you, come when called,  all of ours like to be held....each one has to be pet or they get upset lol they fly up and sit on your shoulder......yep we don't trim their wings.....we put a top on the coop instead.....I never would have dreamed I would willingly let a bird sit on me let alone five or more lol

I keep coming across different numbers on how many eggs each type of bird will lay per week..... thinking it has a lot to do with living conditions, weather and feed.... looking at the lowest numbers we should be getting over 50 eggs per week hopefully more :D sweet

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