Monday, December 26, 2011


Nostradamus lays at my feet on our bed, when I'm working with my crafts :D every day he just kicks back for a while

He didn't really want his picture taken at first, when I asked again and he did look at the camera for me that got him a big hug and belly rub :D

I love this shot the way they are laying Nostradamus looks smaller than Phoebe he's got about 50 lbs and 2 feet in height on her lol

The last few years we have as a family agreed to only get gifts from the dollar store, everyone buys one gift for each person, as we only have 10 people it keeps things affordable and fun, we spent a good hour picking out gifts....

My guys know me pretty well I got a new calculator, bungee cords for the gate, the missing color of yarn I wanted ( I needed 2 of each color no clue why yet lol ) a replacement flashlight :D AND a Real Christmas tree, we haven't dared to bring one in the house in years......
no one got ill from it, Reiki is Great :D Last Xmas we were given a tree friends had used as their Christmas tree, cute tree bigger than this one, but by the time we got it here to plant, it was too late to save it :( we tried for weeks we had to admit it was a lost cause when it kind of fell apart, poor thing was so brown.....Brent decided we do need a tree there and got this little guy :D

Mom got me a Democrat pez key chain lol

This year the guys and I decided to get some movies for our gifts to each other, we have been missing our copy of the Simpson's movie for months, tore this place apart looking for it more times than I can count, we ordered a new better copy from Amazon wide screen and no skips :D It even made it here before Xmas, almost everything we ordered did come before, not bad considering we ordered about a week before on one order and only a few days on the other :D what didn't come yet ( haven't checked yet today ) was the first Sherk movie, got all the others but not the first one lol well something to still look forward too :D

We also got a lot of music this year, downloaded some older Xmas songs Dino, Franky, Tony and Nat :D We had to get Randy Granger's Winter Colors too :D

Dinner wasn't what I would have liked, I needed to get a pair of wrist warmers done fast.....turned the food over to Brent, who is a good cook most of the time.....unless he's talking with Dad.....yeah crispy enchiladas all 4 of them :( had to pry them out lol everyone just grabbed more rice beans and chips....nachos :) .... took me a bit to get over that as I had spent a lot of time making them, a two beers at least ;) lol

hope you all got what you wanted :D

Life is Good
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