Wednesday, November 30, 2011


This year my uncle and aunt came to visit, we haven't seen them in about 17 years, it was GREAT :D

I learned so much from them........about many different things, from great web sites, to moving computer files with ease and really good cooking tips :D I LOVE GETTING COOKING TIPS :D
They made us cheese cake, margaritas and the best salsa....they showed us how to made them, even wrote it down for us :D

They are big fans of Mexican food so for the first time ever our whole family agreed to let me make an all Mexican Thanksgiving dinner :D I've wanted to do this for years :D

My uncle and aunt are cool people, however the star guest was Maddie their little doggie.....I have never met such a cute, polite and over the top SWEET doggie before :D

This shot was taken just after my uncle and aunt left her in our care for a few hours....she was a bit sad at first......Jorden took care of that with some brisket and 7 or 8 walks :D
She is so adorable, can't help but fall for her :D

Nostradamus was so good about staying outside, never gave us a issue :D it helps that he loves the cooler weather :D
Phoebe was a bit upset at over in in a few days time :D

The cats yeah well .....not so happy about guests on four legs that bark ;)

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