Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Garden time

Jorden has the garden off to a good start :D

Mint we thought we lost this one with the freeze :D

oregano going strong, garlic chives in the background

one of his thyme plants/bush hard to see in this photo but they have tiny little flowers on them

The raspberry sage still waiting on the white.......

little bitty peppers ( very strong ) :D the garlic in the background shows just how small they are lol

We got a bay plant :D been wanting one for ages

He also put in sun flowers, summer squash, tomatoes, potatoes and too many more for me to recall lol

So I've been playing with beads....

just got a new order in.... happy happy :D

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I've been meaning to post a few photos.....

Our sage is up and running, this year we added raspberry sage and will be adding white as soon as it gets here in the post :D
The roses are doing good :D

Jorden took these

Saturday, May 14, 2011


This is our new family member Nostradamus

He's teething .... so he pretty much has to have something to chew on at all times...... I'm just glad it's not my arm or ankle ;) his breed are herders by nature, he is constantly trying to "herd" us....

At the kennel they said he is a Great Pyrenees blend, by all looks I'd say that's what he is mostly if not fully.....

He's just over 4 months and close to 30 lbs. he's grown almost 10 lbs. in 2 weeks, and he's not over weight....

He still has a hard time slowing down some nights.....he falls asleep in my arms....starting to get the hang of sleeping on his bed now......I'm guessing spending all that time in the kennel and vets gave him the real need to get out there and move lol

This is how he looked after healing up at the kennel

he's so cute

He ended up at the kennel after falling off the back of a farmers truck, he got hurt pretty bad....had to have a tooth removed, in shock.... the people behind the farmer stopped and saved him....the farmer never stopped, the people tried to get him to pull over......he was doing about 65 mph.

After that the poor guy got parvo and had to stay at the vets for a month....

That's when my parents got him the day back to the kennel..... as he was kept away from everyone he's a bit lacking on his "people" skills....

He was too much for their older dogs.....

He gets along pretty good with our guys....not all sugar and sweetness, but getting along....still don't take Buffy's chew bone lol

Friday, May 13, 2011

shawl pattern idea, mindless knit

I needed to do a mindless knit....

I grabbed the first yarn I came across in my odds and ends bag ( larger sized scraps and yarn without any plans ) ......when that ran out I grabbed more...... same with needles, used the ones that happened to be in the bag......

no counting, no gauge, no anything, just knitting.......

I put a marker in the center stitch to make things nice and easy....

did 2 increases in each row, stuck to the ends and middle

I stayed with a simple yo

no cares at all

it was great

I used worsted weight yarn as well as some fun fur and other novelty yarns

the needles were a size 11 US

cast on 5 stitches

1) k1, yo, knit to the last stitch, yo, k1

2 ) knit until the center stitch yo, knit center stitch, yo, knit to end

I kept knitting until I liked the size
bind off and weave in ends

I will admit to putting in a bit of thought but not much lol...... I knew I would be using at lot of different yarns so to keep things even ( sort of ) I added the novelty yarns on the "wrong" side as well as the variegated yarn....
by even I mean, not all of the ends of the added in yarns were on the same side, there for the thickness that weaving the ends adds was on both edges