Thursday, September 30, 2010

Reiki Class

Our first Reiki class will be held on October 30th WOO HOO

Now also working out of Pi*Yoga Pilates Studio & New Age Health Shoppe

We will be giving Reiki I and II attunements, cost $77.00

For more information see

Monday, September 27, 2010


Woo Hoo I love this time of year :D

I can't believe October s almost here. I have so much to do :D

We are starting our Reiki service on the first. We have been giving attunements ( free of charge ) for so time now, the timing feels right to move forward. We will be charging a fee of $60.  for the first and $75. second attunements, $150. for the Masters attunement.
We have been told are prices are too low. To this I say, you can always pay us more ;)

I'm also working on a few cloths ( I still need to test knit them ) hope to have them out soon.

I've been asked to make a few things for friends, as well as trying to get a few items for our "shop" ready.

I have so many ideas going through my head right now....

Life is Good

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Pepper harvest

Our first Thai hot peppers WooHoo Sun dried. They maybe on the small side but wow are they strong :D ( not for cooking )
This is the size they grow to. I was amazed at Jorden growing them at all. They don't do very well in a outdoor setting such as this. Way too hot and dry for them, but he did it, he got them to fruit :D

The New Mexico Big Jims he's growing are sooooo good, nothing mild about them :D

The tomatoes are the best I've ever tasted. Sweet

Last night Jorden went out to his garden and came back with a summer squash, he planted them less then a month ago :D

We added it to our soup. That along with fresh roasted green chili and new potatoes, so good ...........and the herbs :D even I went back for more ;)

He has made cooking "good" so much easier