Thursday, June 10, 2010

Weeping Willow

This was our weeping willow. The hot spell last summer almost took it out. Lost most of the leafs. We had to dig down to the base roots to get enough water to it.

It started to grow back, but couldn't tell what was dead or not, it was going pretty slow... winter hit with the winds first.

So we waited........

Spring is very windy as well so we waited some more...... with the rainy season almost on us we couldn't wait any longer.

Brent was taking branches off while we did the clean up. He was on the roof for hours cutting away :(

It took all day. I can not believe how much had to come off, we can't even reach all of it. We'll have to hope for the best with those.

Dad helped us with the other side, good thing as it took hours more

This whole yard used to be in the shade.

This is today.

On the bright side all of the desert plants are doing fine :D Pine trees are also doing good :D

Brent putting the last touches on the cats new window box.

Nemmy in her new cat box :D

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