Sunday, April 25, 2010

Really Good Week

All and all this was a good week for me.
It was my birthday. We stayed home and cooked out, had a great day :D
Brent for my Birthday is paying for our next Reiki Class. Our teacher has set the date for the beginning of July. Wow I can't wait. Already Reiki has changed our life in so many ways. It's been so good for all of us. Not just health wise, most certainly health as well, I can't recall the last time I was pain free before Reiki, but in ways I wouldn't have thought of. New friends for one.
Through my writing about the odd things that had been happening in our trailer, I was introduced to Reiki and got a new friend. I am so happy to say months later we are still living in a trailer that feels so much lighter, happier and none of the ugly things that had been happening are any longer :D ( knock, knock, knock )
It had been quiet for weeks at a time in the past, but this time is different, it feels gone. Not to say we don't have spirits coming around, I don't think I could change that if I wanted to, it's part of just being me ;) but for now things are going good. If anything like that should happen again, I think we will all be better able to deal with it.

It didn't stop there with friends, and let me tell you it very well could have and I would have been very happy as she is a really cool person to know :), we have been meeting the nicest people at our classes and shares. Just yesterday at our last Reiki share, a lady we had in our last class gave us each two bracelets of power beads :D

She let us each pick out the ones we wanted. How sweet is that :D I was was walking on clouds all day, still a little off the ground today lol
I picked Snowflake Obsidian and Poppy Jasper ( the first 2 in the photo ) Jorden picked Smokey Quartz and Sodalite ( the next 2) and Andre picked Tiger Eye and Blue Goldstone ( the last 2 ).

Our garden for two.
This is a single plant of Swiss chard, almost 3 foot tall with leaves about the size of a small elephants ear :D The whole garden is going great, even plants that looked like goners are doing good with Reiki, dare I say it.....might it be time for peas and green beans, one can hope.....
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