Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Last week I went looking for books on Reiki again. I was able to not only find some more old knitting books, I also got all the books on Reiki that I was looking for YIPPEE

A wonderful friend, did an Archangel Oracle card reading for me. It was very cool, really helped me out.
The cards are so pretty. DH took me to the store to get a deck for me........ 3 times, I didn't want to pay quite so much. They came with a small book and DVD on how to use them, so it wasn't a bad price, I was just looking for the deck itself. I had just paid full price for one of the books on Reiki ( the rest were less than $1 with credit at the used book store :D ) and didn't want to spend more on me.
We got them anyway ( he's so sweet :D )
So not only did we all get Mexican food from our favorite place, but I got new cards too :D hope everyone had a great Valentines Day :D
DS#2's Birthday is coming up pretty soon.
Last year my poor garden went through hell. It got so hot and dry....... it dried my green beans on the vine :( tomatoes didn't get much fruit until October! a month later the frost hit :(
For my Birthday last year, we got a herb garden started. If it had not been for DS#2 aka Jorden, my whole garden would have died out. He kept all of the herbs except for the chives and basil alive the whole winter :D The chives are starting to pop up again :D
This year Jorden has control of the whole garden. The hot boxes, herbs, roses, grapes, and now the small green house DH got for us ( a good deal, really like him working at a tool shop :D )
He moved the grapes to a better spot, and is putting roses there instead, he picked out 3 different kinds of roses. One red, one white with pink trimmed petals, and a climbing red and white one.
He took over my yellow rose bush a few years ago....... he saved it :D it's huge now. He also takes care of the roses out front. They are a mix of ours and Dads.
He asked for a blue rose bush, for his birthday. I'll have to mail order that one :) He's got it looking better then ever :D
I benefit from this the most as he brings me flowers daily for most of the year :D ( the bees like it too lol ) and the herbs wow....... this has changed the way we cook.
Mom only used black pepper and salt as I was growing up. So I tend to add a fair amount of herbs and spices ( you know to make up for it ;) lol )
When Jorden cut our thyme for the first time I was hooked. I had only had freshly cut thyme once before at my sisters place in Wisconsin. It had just popped out of the ground up there ( in May I think ), she wanted to show Jorden how it use it, but only had a bit. It was good.
Now days he asks what herbs I need for dinner and he cuts them for me on the spot. Food was never so good.
He has sage, 3 kinds of thyme, mint, basil, parsley, 2 types of oregano, chives, rosemary, and garlic. He is adding another type of chives as well as basil, plus chamomile and marjoram :D This is so sweet :D
The lettuce is is going great can cut it soon. Swish card is going crazy ( Dad should love that ),
the wild strawberries, we got from my sister ( poor things had a rough ride down here ) made it through the winter :D
Dad wants yellow zucchini so we are adding that as well.
Trying chili again been reading this time ( knock, knock, knock )
Last year I put some right into the little cup things, and some I tried wet starting ( between paper towel in a covered bowl ) well it says you should do both. First wet them for a day then plant them in the cups.... I so hope this works, DH has gotten really good at roasting them :D
Life is GOOD
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