Saturday, January 9, 2010

Time to stop this

I've been posting about some of the odd things that have been happening around here for sometime now.
Yesterday my father came over and said he saw that strange mass like thing in his place now. They live next door to us on the same property. There is a good deal of yard space but apparently not enough.
I posted about some of this on Ravelry asking if anyone had come across anything like this. The advice I got was to seek help.
After Dad came over and told me about how he had seen this thing too, he asked me to look into getting it out as well.
Okay I think we're going to have to take this a little more seriously.
I'm pretty sure we are not dealing with the ghost of a person, whatever this thing is, it really wants us to believe that it is though. It would seem to be trying to pose as different things to each of us.
As we started to put things together and compare what was going on with each other, things got stranger, more things would be moved, or just gone for days.
We started seeing the black grayish mass more often, and the smell that was in the trailer after these things would happen was getting stronger. We went around our house with sage and sea salt. Seemed to quiet things down, now we know it just went next door.
I'm going to email an online site that said it helps people with things like this. The problem with that is what do I write that will make this clear.
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