Friday, December 18, 2009

Inside Out Scrap Yarn Can Cover/Wrist Warmer

So I'll admit it, I hate to throw anything "useful" away. By useful I mean "by your wildest imagination some day you might have a need for it".

This stems from every time I do toss something I will need it days later, no matter how long I kept it around before hand.

This holds true for yarn as well. When I first started to knit, I ran across a site ( wish I would have bookmarked it ) where the person was talking about using their smaller scraps of yarn to make dog blankets out of. Just knotted the pieces together and knitted away. No photos, but it sounded cool.

Well turns out my dogs don't like knitted blankets, sweaters sure, but not blankets. The stitches catch on their nails.
No sooner had I gotten done with making a wrap

out of all my scraps last year ( saved them for more then a year ) when I started to make wrist warmers with after thought thumbs...... yeah, not one piece of scrap yarn to be had lol.

So here I am with a good size bag of scrap yarn again, when it hits me I want a fuzzy, knotted up can cover ( don't ask why, no clue ). I could use some and still have enough left over in case something comes up :)

Inside Out Scrap Yarn Can Cover/Wrist Warmer

So I took some scrap cotton and tied them together, leaving small tails I could brush out later. I used size 6 US dpns this time to tighten them up a bit. I tend to knit a little looser with all the knots and didn't want it to slide off.
Cast on 32 stitches, 2 by 2 ribbing for 20 rounds. Can be used either side out. The extra yarn of the tails really add to the coziness factor, and no weaving in the ends :) lol
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