Monday, November 2, 2009

It works

Our door works YIPPEE,
and yep it was in the 70's today ; )
Took a few days for everything to get worked out just right. It is a bit heavy and the frame had to be adjusted for it's new weight. It was up that night, we just couldn't open it.

That did not sit well with Buffy. You see that is Buffy's door. It only goes to Buffy's yard, and she thinks she should be in and out every few minutes.
She doesn't like change very much, she will bark at you for a full day after you get a hair cut!
We needed to get her to go out the front door into the front yard then to the gate into her yard. I swear she acted like we were taking her to the gallows. She would not do it. Leashes don't work on her. Her neck is thicker than her head. Her legs are short enough to pop out of harnesses.
Good thing I have strong help around here, over 50 lbs worth of dog who doesn't like being picked up is not easy ; )
but it's done : )

Happy Harvest Moon

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