Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wouldn't you know it

Last night the wind got a little heavy. This is what used to be our door

This is the inside of our door

This is now covering the doorway

This is what it looks like outside

It was nice and sunny 2 days ago ; ) Always just before pay day. DH had to take the day off as half the door was still hanging. So just to cover it with that nasty foam rubber, took some doing. We still got most of the pieces, I think DH isn't talking much. He's making a new one, out in the rain. Okay it's a light rain and it is better than snow true, but still I'm damn glad I have him.
This last year non-stop, every day off and after work he was working on van after van for my sister, she's on #3, countless tires, name a part and DH and Dad fixed it. DH gave her one that seems to be holding up except for the tires ( knock, knock )
For 2 weeks now he's been doing things around here, he fixed the dish washer, a light in the bathroom, my fan, the roof of the add-on as well as working on the walls of the add-on. Another year or so and he'll be caught up ; )

I was taking photos of my latest wrist warmers when Sammy jumped up
did not make little dog happy she had to jump in the middle and remind the cat who's bed it really is.
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