Friday, September 18, 2009

Look what Ma made

Isn’t it beautiful. My mother started to crochet again. She made this afghan for me. She made both of my sisters one and even one for her sister. All came out looking different even though she used the same pattern. With different row spacing, colors and size you’d never know. She made them all this summer, I'd say she back into the swing of it :)

Well the weather is still kind of iffy, still getting some rain, mostly thunder and lightening. Not that I’m complaining, we got it good next to El Paso. The day after I last posted about the rain and hail they got hit hard. Golf ball sized hail…… GOLF BALL SIZED HAIL…. think about that for a second….. I was amazed at the fierceness of dime to quarter sized hail. They have my best wishes.

I got my socks  ( footies ) done. Yes short row heels, I even like them!! Think I'm going to make more for christmas gifts. They knit up really fast are fun to wear, don't cost a arm and leg to make.
 I like to make things I know are going to be used ( not just sitting in a drawer for fear of use ). Got most of my family hooked on scrubbies and hand knit dish cloths.
Last year I got really over whelmed with making gifts for everyone. The requests were too many. I ended up making dozens and dozens of gifts. A few of those people who just had to have a hand made gift haven’t even talked to me yet this year!! Not a chance this year, I’m going to make a few people a few small things. Slippers, house socks, cloths, wrist warmers, hats maybe even a bag or two. Most will be my own patterns, and that will have to do.

I'm making slippers for my guys
This is the first pair just done Smileys
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