Friday, August 21, 2009

This week

This last week and a half have been crazier then normal around here.
We are still getting ugly weather, not as much lightening, now it's mostly wind storms, still very little rain. My poor weeping willow is truly looking sad. Most of the leaves are gone. They did say it would be cooler, only 97 f. this coming week.
Tomatoes are coming out the size of a large grape :( Herbs are still doing good :D
My sisters car broke down again. Brent and Dad worked on it for three straight days no less then 8 hours each day. Got it to stop over heating, and found that the wheel was falling off. Took them hours to get the new part in and it was defective, had to turn round and start all over again. She is very hard on cars, not a month goes by without having to tow her home or something.
The day before this started Mom had surgery on her nose, she bled quite a bit. She is breathing a lot better now. She's a little upset, she thought straighting the inside would also straighten the outside. It didn't, not that you can really tell anyhow. She hit a door knob when she was 6 years old, it's bugged her since then.
While all this is going on my little dog had more problems with her back side. Been doing the fiber thing and trying to drain the sacs, but it happened again anyhow. No where near as bad as last time, but still nothing I want her to have to go through of course. Vet said something like it could have been brought on by allergies, instead of her ears infecting it was her anal sac. Never heard of this before. She is our first small dog so as far as I know it could be anything.
The vet also said she is too big ( fat is what she really said ) She's got to lose about two pounds. They want me to cut out her dog bones :0 That will never work. I'll get rid of the store ones, but she's got to have a reason to live, and I don't even want to try taking them away from Buffy ( our bigger, inside dog ). She would have no reason ( except bugging the cats and barking ) to live. It's all a chain reaction thing, take them from one dog, then the bigger dog loses them, starts getting crabby. The cats get the brunt of that, then they start to do bad things like pee on my floor! At least that's how it went down today. Let me tell you if these cats weren't so old ( 12 and 13 yrs ) I'd put them in the yard ( it's fenced in ) when I couldn't watch them. We can't even leave Buffy out, she can't take the heat, she's part chow chow ( the hair part )
So that leaves me looking for away to come up with homemade dog treats that are better for them. There are so many sites with recipes I'm kind of lost as to what would be the right way to go.
To top it off I got a jury duty summons yesterday. Doesn't start until October, good thing, lasts for three months, not a good thing. Brent's ends around then, so good thing.
Didn't get too much knitting done, did finish up a few things. I at this moment I have nothing on my needles :0 I really need to fix that, as soon as I get my cloth pattern written out.
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