Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lady’s Thick Lace Wrist Warmers

Lady’s Thick Lace Wrist Warmers

Very warm and cozy, eazy pattern repeat.

Fits 6” wrist by 7” long hand.
75 yards of worsted weight yarn, shown in Caron’s Forest Green.
Size 8US circulars or set of 5 dpns.
Small amount of scrap yarn
Gauge 4 sts. by 6 rows to 1”
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Friday, June 19, 2009

Men’s Basic Relaxed Fit Hat with Suspended bind-off

Men’s Basic Relaxed Fit Hat with Suspended bind-off

After over a year trying to find the just right hat pattern for my guys I gave up. I came up with this pattern. It lays flat on top, not too heavy and bulky, a loose fit but stays on.

Fits 22 ” to 25” size head
92 yards worsted weight yarn, Sugar n Cream’s 100% cotton in Renegade shown in photo.
8US dpns (set of 5 ) or circulars
Gauge 4 sts. by 6 rows to 1”

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Crochet Thingy Pattern

Chain 6 join
Double crochet into each stitch through the back loop. This gives that raised line in the center. 2 rounds
DC , 1 chain , DC, still in back loop. 1 round
At this point I started to go through the whole stitch ( not just back loop )
DC into the stitch of the last rounds DC ( skipping the chain stitch ) adding another chain between DC’s for every round you do. So this round would be DC 1 CH 1, next round DC 1, CH 2 and so on. Always double crocheting into the DC in the round before, until you get the size you want. After your last DC, chain as many as the round you were doing and bind off.
I made sure to keep my stitches loose, and kind of flattened them as I went.

I thought as long as I have this all typed out ( takes me forever to type ) I might as well post it in case someone else likes it. Thank you Dottie : )

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hemp Soap Bag

I tend to knit things we need or want, this one is both. A hemp soap bag. Brent was always going on about the soap pieces in the tubs. So he needed the bag and I wanted to hush him up ; )

This one is made with one color, the pattern has two.
Gauge 5 sts by 6 ½ rows = 1”
30 yards of dk or worsted weight 100% hemp yarn. Pictured is Allhemp’s Foggy and Licorice in dk weight.
Needle sz. 6US dpns.
Crochet hook sz. I ( optional ) for drawstring.
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Friday, June 12, 2009

Chest Cover Bathing Cloths

Sometimes the simplest patterns can make life a little nicer. This is one of the simplest cloths your bound to come across, but if you have a water saving tub ( very small ) and still like to soak this just might be the cloth for you.

Chest Cover Bathing Cloths
9 ½” by 16” with trim
78 yards worsted weight cotton ( main color )
28 yards worsted weight cotton ( trim ) 106 yards together

Size 10 US needles
Size I US crochet hook
4 sts. by 6 rows to one inch

Straight stitch = Knit one row, purl the next continue in this manner.

DC = double crochet

Straight stitch for 80 rows, or to fit your size, bind off.

Trim is optional, I added a double crochet stitch in every stitch along edges ( 3 in corner stitches ) This will give you a slight ripple while adding enough weight to help hold in place while in water. It also works with the straight stitches natural tendency to curly inward, which really makes this cloth work so well for covering one chest while soaking.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Space Shuttle

Today as I was watering the front part of our garden plants, this flew by.

DS#1 was able to get this shot as it was going over head the second time, on it's way back from a fly over of NASA. It was much closer looking in person, the pole is only a few feet away.
We were so lucky to have seen it at all. : )