Friday, May 8, 2009

My Mother's Day

For my mother's day my sons and I went to town and hit the book stores, thrift shops, craft store, library, lawn and garden shops, dollar stores and our small food store. We had a blast and even worked in the garden when we got home. After DH got off of work we made hamburgers on the grill. Worked in the front yard. Watched a movie we got at the thrift store. It was a really nice day : ) The boys got me 2 knitting bags, flowering plants, vase for all the cut roses DS#2 gets me daily from our yard and some already started herbs to go with my seedlings, DH got me some yarn and fixed up a small weed eater for my very own : )

I made a bath mitt to go with the set for my mom, and a knit bracelet with magnets, I added a bar of oatmeal almond soap and a nail buffer, put it all in a basket, potted up some flowers in a hanging planter ( the self watering one ) and gave it to Dad, as she is still mad about the phone call the other night. I have no clue if she likes it or not.
I still need to type up the bath mitt pattern. I'll post it as soon as I do.
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