Saturday, March 28, 2009

Magnet Bed Socks

Now you can purchase add free pdf from craftsy or in my ravelry store

My father has been using magnets for pain relief for years now.
I made him some anklets, but he was having trouble with wearing them at night.
He had a semi truck run over his ankle when he was young ( they had to roll it over his ankle again to get him unhooked from between the tires ) he is very lucky to even still have a foot. They didn't think he would ever walk on it again, but before he was even out of the cast he was up and running. However it did leave him with pain most of the time.
So a bed sock seemed like just the answer. It's pretty basic with a few little changes here and there.

Magnet Bed Socks
Fits men’s shoe size 10 to10½ US.
200yds worsted weight yarn ( I used Redheart Super Saver in black )
Size 6US & 8US dpns. Set of 5 each
24 small disk shaped bead magnets with holes for sewing
Sewing needle ( small enough to go through the beads )
Black thread
Yarn needle
Gauge 4sts. by 6 rows = 1”
Cast on 40
place on four size 8 dpns evenly. Being careful not to twist stitches
1 by 1 ribbing for 5”
Knit even for 1 ½ ”
Heel Flap
Knit needle # 1 with sz. 6 dpns, turn and sl 1, purl all the way across needles # 1 and # 4, keeping all heel stitches ( 20 ) on one needle. You will not be working with needles # 3 & # 4 for the heel flap.
Work heel flap for 2 ½ ” as follows
Sl 1, k to end
Sl 1, p to end
End with a knit row.
Round heel
Sl 1, p11, p2tog, p1 turn
Sl 1, k5, k2tog, k1 turn
Sl 1 at the start of each row, knit or purl ( depending on the row your on ) to one before gap, decrease over gap, knit or purl one more stitch and turn.
Repeat until all stitches have been worked ending with purl row ( decrease will be the last stitch )
Pick up stitches along gusset ( still using smaller needles ), making one stitch on each side of heel flap ( using the bar between ) knitting into the back loop of all picked up stitches, to avoid holes.
I kept to the smaller needles on the soles and larger on the tops of the feet to give a stronger sole, yet stay a little more “roomy” on top.
After picking up stitches on right side, knit across needles # 2 & # 3 using sz. 8 dpns. Then pick up stitches on left side ( needle # 4 ).
Knit to center of heel using needle # 4, place stitches back on 4 dpns, by sliding the other half of the heel stitches to needle # 1. You should have half the heel stitches and the gusset stitches on needle # 1 ( sz. 6 ). 10 stitches on needle # 2 & # 3 each ( sz. 8 ) and the other side gusset and heel stitches on needle # 4 ( sz. 6 ).
Knit one round.
Start gusset decreases
Knit to last three stitches of needle # 1 then k2tog, k1. Knit across needles #2 & # 3 to needle # 4, k1, k2tog through the back loop, k to end of round.
Knit next round.
Keep decreasing in this manner until you have 10st.s left on gusset needles.
Knit for 6”, switch to all smaller sized needles, knit for ½ ” ( for a total of 6½ “ from end of heel ) this adds to the strength for the tops of the toes.
Needle # 1: k to last 3 sts., k2tog, k1.
Needle # 2: k1, ssk, k to end of needle.
Needle # 3: k to last 3 sts., k2tog, k1.
Needle # 4: k1, ssk, k to end of needle.
Knit next round.
Repeat decreases until you have 6st.s remaining on each needle. Graft together, weave in ends.
Adding magnets
I used 12 small disk shaped magnetic hematite beads sewn flat onto the wrong side of the ankle. When sewing magnetic beads in make sure to do so individually as well as all the way around each bead. This will assure your stretch ability and keep them securely in place.

Warning : Magnets should not be used with persons with pacemakers or insulin pumps, as well as pregnant women.

Cotton yarn

My Peaches & Creme order came. I got 2 cones and 2 cloth of the month bags.

I also got two 2lbs. grab bags.

I love the grab bags, you never know what you might get ( that's half the fun ) I got lots of black. That's a good thing as I need to make a few more hats. As you can see I got a fare amount of colors as well. They tend to be a little dusty, so I got out my swift and yarn winder. Put them in hanks, wet them down and they are now air drying. When they dry I'll wind them into balls and be good to go, at quite a bit less then I could buy them around here.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Quick Four Leaf Clovers

About 2 1/2”
Size 6us needles. Gauge doesn’t matter.
Five yards of green sport weight yarn. Safety pin and about a foot of ribbon (optional)
Cast on 3 sts.
Knit 6 rows.
Row 1: cast on 4 more st.s, k1, kf/b, k to end.
Row 2: cast on 4 more st.s, k1, kf/b, k to end. (13st.s)
Row 3: knit.
Row 4: k1, k2tog, k to last 3 st.s, k2tog, k1.
Repeat row 4 twice more. (5st.s)
Row 7: knit.
Row 8: cast on 2 st.s, k1, kf/b, k to end.
Row 9: repeat row 8.
Row 10: k1, k2tog, k2, bind off next st.s, turn, leaving 5st.s on the left needle to be worked later.
Row 11: k1, k2tog, k1.
Row 12: k1, k2tog, slide 1st stitch over 2nd stitch, bind off last st.
Row 13: picking up yarn, k1, k2tog, k2.
Rows 14 & 15: work as rows 11 & 12.
Weave in ends, sew on pin and ribbon (optional)
kf/b = knit into front and back of next stitch.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

New Yarn for Hats

I got some really cool yarn lately.
I told the guys I'd make them some hats, that they could pick what kind of yarn was used. After reading about the different kinds of fiber, they came up with hemp and cotton. What better reason to go yarn shopping then to make your kids something they could really use.
After some checking on hemp they found out, it has been used for almost ever, very strong, lasts for years, gets softer with washing but stays strong. It's breathable, blocks most UV rays, easy to wash and care for, holds it's shape well and doesn't pill.

The down side it's hard to come by, and doesn't come cheaply at that. Oh and it's a bugger to knit. However worth it.

The pattern hasn't been finished yet, but colors had been picked. Just one more to go.

The cotton was a pick for it's warmth, and durability, as well as color choice and price. So we got these in town. Had a 40% off coupon. So the price was great, with plenty of yarn to make a few hats for everyone.

We also found this

and these in town, I's not just hemp for the hats

I was a little upset with our LYS I had been told by one of the owners that they would order a red hemp yarn with their next order. So I didn't order it with the rest of the colors from the web site

No the LYS didn't get red, I had gone back three times ( each time they gave me a new date when the order should be in ) No more shopping there!

Found some really nice yarn,
but the red wasn't quite the right shade he was looking for, so still looking............
I found and ordered from and got these.

They came less then 48 hours after I placed the order. Very happy : ) : )
with their service. They even gave me a sample of MILK yarn!! Talk about soft, very nice, easy to knit.
They carry the red he wants so I'll defiantly be using them again soon.
The silk is so cool, it's very rustic. That might be a hat too. Ds1 wears one (or a bandana ) at almost all times. The cotton rayon, is mine. I see a very soft shawl or wrap coming soon. : )


Wow it's been awhile since I've been able to post, so much has been going on.......
DS2 turned 15 last month yahoo : )
We got a treadmill, so a lot of time goes that way now.

Spring has sprung so clean up and prep of the garden has gotten started. Going to do fewer types of plants but more of the ones that went well last year. Roses by the side of our place never stopped growing through the winter, are quite big now. Willows in full bloom, bees love it.

More Mt. Lions and Coyotes in the yard, not safe to go out after dark alone right now. Hopefully they will move on soon.

Made some more socks, working on a pair for Dad right now. He wants a pair for sleeping with magnets sew in. Then a pair of boot toppers.

Working on a few small fun patterns to post soon. In the next few weeks.