Monday, January 26, 2009

Icelandic lace shawl photo

It's done.

So I tried really hard to follow the pattern as written, mostly so I could say I did someones pattern as they saw it. Without my in put. Well I still can't say that.
After seeing a photo of it laid out, I just couldn't go with that much white!! ;) I had changed the other colors to my liking, So I just added those into the upper part as well.

I used acrylic so I'm not going to bother with blocking. Mine came out the size the pattern said it would with smaller needles and lighter yarn after blocking, so I'm really glad I sized everything up. It must really take some serious blocking to get it to size up that much. From all the posts I've read on this pattern even after blocking many wished it was bigger. Luckily I had decided on the sizing up before I cast on or even read the posts. Sometimes it all works out. :)

I had wanted it to have a softer edge and no loops hanging down so I didn't do the bind off as written, or the optional top border, as it came out busy enough.
I can't say I'll do this pattern again, but I do like the way it came out, all in all. :)

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