Sunday, December 7, 2008

24 years

Yesterday was our 24th anniversary. We had kind of a different day. We were going to just do a little shopping, ..... ok they were going to get me some yarn ; ). Can't make any gifts without yarn. So anyhow... Mom came along with us and then took us out to eat. All of us me Brent and both boys. Jorden my younger son by a whole 13 months, reacted badly to something. Ended up in the van throwing up, good thing we had a bag.... he was fine after that. He never could eat fatty meats so it may have been the pork. Poor kid felt bad about "ruining" a meal, like that could matter over him, silly boy.
So alls going better. Jorden was feeling much better had some color again. Then we got back home.........It was bad............Our dog thought it was a good idea to eat out of the cat box.............then threw up all over the living room.......... the smell not exactly nice.......We've had her 8 years and she picks our anniversary to try eating out of the cat box..... she had food and water, she could have eaten the cat food even!!!!!
All in all it was a good day, Jorden was feeling good enough to eat the steak dinnr I made, I got some nice yarn and started a hat for mom. started a blanket today for Jorden. : )
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