Monday, September 29, 2008

More done items

This is a shawl I just finished.
Not that it took very long. I used large needles ( 15 us ) to try and show the yarn more. The yarn is by Yarn Bee's Playful, in Black Tie Ombre. I wouldn't want to use this yarn on anything tight knit, but for a loose stitch it was fun. I used a healing shawl style, with wrap and drop stitches.

I had to make another pair of mittens. It's a fun quick knit. These are baby size. Next pair will be older kid size. I added beads to my grey pair to look like a snow flake. I posted them in my last post.

I made a hat as well, it's kinda small. I hope it fixes, I'm pretty sure it will she's a tiny little thing. If not I'm sure we'll find someone who could use it. I used my real camera not cell phone for this shot hoping to catch the real color, yes bright pink and black. : )

Okay so yesterday I was playing with the idea of adding a edge to a washcloth. Not just a border. Just to do something different. I think just about every border that could be has been!

I made a stocking stitch oblong square. I was going for a hand towel size with this one at DS request. I just put what ever I had together. Peaches and Cremes Fiesta and Daisy ombre. Odd but usable.

This is a pattern I did a a few weeks ago, but never got posted. It's Lace Beanie in Lion Brand's free patterns. I used Redheart, but don't recall the name of the color. It came out looking good but was kinda rough on the hands as far as knitting goes.

All in all I'm starting to make a bigger dent in my stash. Yahoo

Saturday, September 27, 2008


This is photo of some of my finished items. Green hood hat with flower button in the top left corner. Next to it a pink and black bag. the next row is a multi colored scarf, green bag and gray mittens. Bottom row is a scarf with leaves on it and a pink and black scarf.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fire Faerie

I just took the faerie personality quiz on Neopets
and was told
You are similar to a fire faerie. You are very spirited and prefer being nice and warm. Cool

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Mittens are done. Loved the way it all came together. I will be making more of these.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

x-mas socks

Well got done with the x-mas socks. Went to a smaller needle. It was coming out a little large. So much for not checking your gauge.

I didn't redo any, just added more rounds. I wanted to see if it would make a loose fitting fold over cuff, it did : ) Okay so my inexperience is showing through again, but it was fun.

I put them on one long circular needle and worked them magic loop style. I'd never tried it before on anything other then a small bag. Took a bit it get the hang of it, but then it really flew by. : )

I'm working on a pair of mittens right now that are a fun knit, I must say most new ways of knitting something is fun for me, and this is right up that alley.

I've read here and there about using scrap yarn to make the thumbs, but had no clue as to how. I now have a pattern : ).

I got it on The Knitting Haven thanks to Holly : ) I've gotten so many good tips and ideas from KH. Nice place to be.

I have just done the "scrape yarn" part. Cool, so far so good.

I've had to change the pattern some. I have a wide hand and need a roomy thumb. So I added a gusset before the scrap yarn. I'm kind of spacey today ( more so then most days) due to the head cold my whole family has picked up so I have no idea if this will work, we'll see ; )
I'm using Simply Soft by Caron in grey heather, works up well.

I'm trying to make as much as I can to get us ready for winter. I made a throw for the back of the rocking chair, it really cuts down on the chill of the wood plus no draft on your back. Nothing fancy, I tend to stay away from fancy for myself and home.

I did have to add a little fun fur to the mittens though lol. Anyhow it's just a stocking stitch with a few color changes. I really need to start using another camera the color that looks orange is red. I was keeping to my x-mas theme.

Think I might put together a few draft dodgers as well, our doors aren't what they should be anymore. Was thinking about making more blankets, but as I was washing the boys blankets (I'm on the third day) I started realizing they had plenty. Not sure how they fit it all on their beds and still had room to sleep.

Well back to the wash now, then more knitting : )

Monday, September 1, 2008

Pink Socks

Got the pink socks done the night before last. Started some x-mas colored ones yesterday morning. I'm trying them on one circular. So far it's going good, I should have stopped and read about it, but I wanted to try a pair in cotton.
As I'm on a yarn diet, I needed to use what I have on hand first so it's red, green and white for these socks. I really like the way it's coming out so far. I'll post another photo later. I'm now doing the gussets, the pattern of the yarn is making both socks look close to each other : )
I got this yarn from Peaches & Creme. In the $2 grab packs. So far I've been able to use everything I got in the pack. Really a good deal, if you don't mind random colors. I wanted to have some on hand to make dish cloths, but have found so many uses for it : )

Another storm coming so I'll have to post more later.