Sunday, June 22, 2008

Rainy Season

We got some rain yesterday. Yahoo It's the start of the rainy season for us. Good thing too, it's been almost a month of 100% plus. Very dry and windy. The only bad thing (besides flooding) is the lightening that also comes this time of year. Starts a lot of fires in the desert. Also means limited time on the computer. The garden however loves it.
Our pumpkins are doing great along with everything else, but the peas. Some bug is eating the leaves. I've sprayed a few times, but they just seem to be drying up even though I've been keeping up with watering. Oh well they were great while they lasted.

I've made a dent in my yarn. I've made wrist warmers (one set of sleeves) for a few nieces 3 in all, more the a dozen wash clothes, and about a dozen scrubbies. Three bags also for nieces. Plan on starting a real cute hat. The pattern is by Berroco, called Dizzy best of all it's free. I'm also getting ready to start a blanket in homespun. Haven't pick a pattern yet. I'm thinking some thing loose, not overly done as the yarn looks cool on it's own. Got slowed down for awhile here, my shoulder gave out on me and needed a break. Pain sucks, but like they said at least you know your still alive. ;)

Last report I read about the fire said it was almost out, with the rain we got I hope it's true. There are so many fires going on all over the place, my best wishes to all out there who have to deal with them in any way. The report said it cost about $500.000, and 1750 acres. All so someone could mess around and lose control of a fire that should never have been started in the first place, as the fire hazard was already at high. Stop and think, that would save so many a lot of trouble. Just think of how the world would be if people just stopped and thought about what they were about to do. Probably would cost a lot of people in law enforcement jobs, but still would be kind of cool, huh.
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